R.A.C.S.S. Cable Mangement Solutions

R.A.C.S.S. Cable Mangement Solutions

The RACSS frame consists of a series of horizontal & vertical frames with brackets which come in modules L1 to L5 to suit the number of 600mm wide cabinets to be served. The main spine fibre raceway is supported on the RACSS frame on each suite line and facilitates 2 drops to the front left and right of the cabinet to direct fibre into designated channels within the
cabinet. Copper cable both Cat5 and DC inter-suite cable runs are all contained in basket again mounted on the RACSS frame, but on a different level.
The RACSS system is designed for rapid deployment of CMS systems for both fibre and copper cable, was initially designed for working at height restrictions of 3meters with the further integration of cabinet support and also facilitates a completely integrated earth bonding system to each cabinet.

Fibre Management

The system proposed fully complies with fibre deployment management criteria of
(1) Containment,
(2) Access,
(3) Routing and
(4) Bend Radius Control.

Telecom`s equipment today are operating at Giga bit rates and by employing fibre management equipment, network circuits will operate at a very efficient rate, without incurring expensive losses for the network operator.



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